Sunday, 12 September 2010

Self Realization

It’s been a long time since i published a post. The Idle moments have passed and now life has led me to a temporary  illusion, paving way to make myself busy for sometime. Its a relief to have started a new era of my life leaving behind the monotony..But, still the discontent remains. Again a  college life with a whole lot of assignments, tests, gossiping and a lot of happenings , fails to wipe away even a  single stain of the past.

                   It has happened to me recently that even in a thickly populated crowd  i would prefer to stay behind like an abandoned soul craving for a reach to somewhere i could hold upon..I see new faces, different faces, rare faces..  even some of those which might attempt to make an impact on yourself ,But i'm done with mere looks and nothing seems to be fascinating as it once used to be.Such a situation  would be tempting, to slowly drag him/her into depths of solitude. It is just a futile effort of getting to know more of the future.The path to a career we would wish for always remains in the dark leaving us behind with the very thought of our own future.There will always be a light at the other end of the tunnel, but i wonder why does it always be at the other end.All i wish for is a sound career, a career with all the ingredients that would keep me healthy and fill me up with joy.
                                                 What you really want from your life doesn't always match up with what you get, people tend to let go of it and get used to it, they get a feeling that they did the right thing ,years pass by,and one morning they wake up to realize about that very moment , the moment that would have made a change , the moment that could have turned things around , a small change of decision or strength of the mind would have made there life much more beautiful.Many of us take up a job because it might be a source of income,some choose it with a lot of risk seeking happiness and satisfaction,some succeed in acquiring money along with success and satisfaction,and finally those who attain satisfaction and happiness are the real successful ones.Once the days are gone,the wrong path is taken,there would be no going back,the only thing that would be left to do is looking back at your past and realising where we went wrong,why we took the easier one and how life started becoming miserable,how you lost your path.Why draw a vague picture on the white paper of your life when you can always  be a creator of a beautiful one? I hope my picture is being drawn as i ever wished for , the picture i have dreamt of , the picture that can only be seen ,once the whole drawing comes to an end.


angel in disguise.... said...

hey.....what happened to you...ur writing has cahnged..i think so have it?
anyway its nice to see u write something deep ...

BORAN said... life in kochi sucks..College sucks big time..

sumitha said...

I liked the piece.... :)... but are things really so final??....So unretrievable??? .. Maybe it is... Very depressing thought ..... Hmmmm..... No... Somehow I dont really subscribe to that view!..... u can improve your life at any point of time if u want to.....The oposite is also equally true but :) ..... You can also mess it up at any time, no matter what u have attained.... Dont you think so??

BORAN said...

@Sumitha : some people think their life is controlled solely by themselves..some think that external factors affects a lot..But there is always some hope or everything..and as u said..things are not so final..:)