Sunday, 24 May 2009

My Award


Oh..My God..I don't believe this..(hands on my cheeks)..I just started my blog,posted something in it,went to sleep,i had a dream in which i just won the HONEST WEBLOG AWARD and i was rising to prominence,hehe,,yea i know sounds funny..Such a glory!! Without any effort?hehe..After all, Dream is a Dream.The next morning I wake up!!! and,and u know what????????...wait..lemme have some water...gulp gulp...ok.. an Angel..She didn't look like it though..SHE SAID she was in some disguise or something!!..Ah!!..God knows,anyway,who cares.hehe.She came and gave me the HONEST WEBLOG AWARD..I remember,My granny always used to tell about this prestigious award..And now.... it's at my fingertips!!..

Then the Angel,(yea the one who didn't look like an Angel but was in disguise).. She put down certain conditions to receive the award,sounded silly,But here it is:

In order to 'receive' this award, I must satisfy the following conditions: LIST 10 HONEST TRUTHS ABOUT MYSELF.

Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

Piece Of cake..Here i go..Just read it and delete it from ur mind..Please don't ask anything about it..hehe..

1. 10 HONEST,NAKED(not intended to be viewed by minors) TRUTHS ABOUT MYSELF:

1.Bedwetting is involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which bladder control would normally be anticipated. The medical term for this condition is "nocturnal enuresis."I used to have "nocturnal enuresis" even at the age of 15.Please don't ask 'when was the last time?'.Its strictly confidential..topic change...

2.Thumb-sucking is usually found in most of the children.Yea..I remember those childhood days..sweet memories, aint they. I still have that habit,quite often,(lots of photos had been taken when i was in hostel,hmm),now don't embarrass me,stop thinking of it and read the next Truth.

3.I have the habit of cracking my knuckles and joints.I start with my neck,crack both sides by tilting my head left and right towards my shoulders,then all my fingers(each finger has two joints,so 2 cracks per finger,total 20 crack sounds with the hands),then i hold my hips firmly on the sides and lean backwards..Krek krek krek krek,,You heard that? Thats my back,not over yet..Then i sit somewhere and twist my upper body,only the upper half..I twist it both sides and crack those too..Then the joints of MY FOOT..hehe.Finally i hurl both my hands in air and krack krack..Yea..Those were my elbows..Now i am done..I do this for about 15 times a day.

4. Sometimes I bite my nails and pull off the skin that meets the edge of the nail.

5.I love to dip my head into the bath tub or a bucket,which is being filled with water gushing out from the tap.I just hold my breath and listen to the sound of the water pumping into it.Yea..I'm nuts..Let's go to the next one..

6.I try to study people,their gestures and try to mimic them,Somehow,I do really well in some cases.I used to mimic my teachers,friends,relatives,and people around me, It doesn't go well with most of the Celebrities.But I can do a few.

7.I hate bananas and i love curd, I can't have rice without curd (or anything made out of it).

8.I love chicken,and the best part is i love to eat the bones,you'll never find a single bone in my plate.

9.I do a lot of day dreaming,i might dream in the class,dream while watching TV,dream while eating,dream while in a serious conversation and even dream while taking a shower..DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS..I dream about really strange things,my thoughts fly higher and higher exploring and it takes sometime to reach back to normal..hehe...

10.I have a long,thick,gigantic Nose.The first thing you'll notice about me is my nose,I've different nick names like MOOKAN, i tend to observe people having long noses..hehe..I often say,'Hey,look he/she also has a big nose'..My friends tend to pull my nose and that's the most irritating thing for me,it's too sensitive and I'll be sneezing the whole day.I lose my temper often when i have a cold and someone keeps pestering or nagging me,' LEAVE ME ALONE'..
 I have never seen anyone with a bigger nose than mine which is 6cms long and protruding to 4cms..hehe..Yes..huge one..Believe me...It has a Life of its own!!

HMM..Now the Seven Bloggers who deserve the award according to me will be:

Angel in disguise: You have received the award, anyway i think u can keep this one too..You're the one who helped me to start off with my blog,thanks a lot..I have read most of ur posts and i really love u liked that LOL..

Amrita : Yea, You just started with ur blog like me, but u surely deserve this award,I'm sure you're going to be a Big Blogger..please come to the stage and collect

Hithaa : Your gudbye and Your farewell thoughts were really touching,but i think you should kepp posting regularly, I also loved those photos..Nice work!!..And so, here's ur award.

Kiran : I loved your was really cute and i loved those malayalam ones too,and especially those malayalam dialogues in mallu fonts..Keep writing..You really deserve this award..Have It!!

Rush : I was really fascinated by the design,layout and the photos in your blog..Awesome!! To be honest i've just started reading ur's, thanks for guiding me all the way through Vegas! Now you can claim your award, Hope you read the conditions..

Sana : NO doubt, u deserved this long time back,ur blog portrays the realities and truths of life..wonderful work with lots of imaginations.

Vishwanath : Just started reading ur blog,seems like there are lot of things to know from it..Anyway i think u deserve the award..


angel in disguise.... said...

well..those were really naked! Especially the god u did shame puppy shame:p)
PS:so u think angel is a fictitious one eh? well, let me see if i can take back ur award!:p

A New Beginning said...

Hey you have a gr8 blog there, can really get oneself lightened with your humour:)Keep up! and thanks so much for your kind words.
Keep visitn!

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

I had a hearty laugh on reading this post.. The ability to poke fun at yourself is unique.. Only people who have matured and "evolved" can do that.. Good start..

And hey thanks for including me in your list.. Motivation is welcome !!



Rush said...

congrats dude!!

damsel in distress said...

4,5,8,9...same pinch.


BORAN said...

thanku everyone..
@damsel: a,5,8,9..ok..gud..5 also?? lol..happy to hear that!!!

Kiran ((( WavesTakeMe ))) said...

Cheers to "MahaaBoran" to list my blog in your list. I believe I commented once over here, there was some problem with my connection!!

I had listed some odd habits that quite resemble yours in that comment.

I'm listing 2 once more, my dear Boran.

1. Cracking fingers, that goes two rounds each finger and two sides of the back.

2. Emptiness exercise with water - Yeah..!! Just like you dip your head in water..
Stand beneath a shower, not facing the shower (as usual). Now bend your head a little backward. close your eyes and close both of your ears with your hand tight. Use your outer ears for closing and then fix it closed with your hand. Now open the shower and let the water fall over your head.. Enjoy the emptiness!!!
Like to know, how you felt..!

Crazy Four said...

Hey there, take a look at our new blog! :)

BORAN said...

@Kiran: I tried out the emptiness was kool..thanks buddy..:)

@crazy four: sure i will